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18F Agile Development BPA Delayed Again – Bids Now Due July 7 

The fact that vendors must submit working projects, not just quotes, left many flummoxed, and MSLGROUP Vice President Brian Lake said some 300 questions came pouring in to 18F. A GSA spokeswoman confirmed the second delay, blaming a “high volume of questions.”

Yes, trying something new in an IT acquisition will get contractors fired up.

The Pentagon gets Shared Services

Just within the two organizations there are hundreds of contracts, that’s hundreds of man-hours that take to do that. We are looking to streamline that. One for instance, we looked at fourth quarter 2015 contracts and we were able to consolidate 13 contracts right away. We’re looking at other ways to begin that implementation,’ Garcia said.
The new organization is allegedly called the Joint Information Technology Service Provider – Pentagon (JITSSP), but good luck finding public information about it.
Program managers and leaders at DISA reiterated the common appeal ofmaking sure security is incorporated in the tool before IT vendors present it to them. They don’t want security to be an add-on (and another headache) they have to deal with after the fact as it could compromise security and is time consuming.
Here are the slide decks themselves, including DISA 101, which includes an extremely helpful organizational tree with photographs.